Restaurant serves Dirt Food

30.01.2013 Misc #Food

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Ein französisches Restaurant in Tokyo serviert seit neuestem seine Speisen mit Vulkanasche und Erde, schmeckt man laut Rocketnews allerdings nicht.

There is a chic French restaurant in Tokyo’s Gotanda district known to those in-the-know. It’s called Ne Quittez Pas, and it is famous for using high-quality seafood and produce from Kanagawa’s Misaki region. However, they’ve just unveiled a new full-course menu created around a rather peculiar ingredient: actual dirt.

Rocket News recently tested the food and described the taste as “delicious” and “divine”, noting that a dirt flavor was absent. However, the obvious question is whether this stuff is safe to eat. According to Saeko Torii, a rep from the dirt manufacturer Protoleaf, “the dirt is called Kuro Tsuchi and it’s volcanic ashes mixed with soil and plants from the Kanto District in Japan. It has good bacteria, healthy minerals, and is natural and pure.” But that likely won’t help dirt food land on U.S. menus.

Japanese Restaurant Offering Food Made With Dirt