Artificial Intelligence learns Coding using Brainfuck

30.01.2013 Misc Tech #AI #Coding

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Kory Becker arbeitet an Künstlichen Intelligenzen die eigenständig Programmieren lernen. Die Programme sind sogenannte genetische Algorithmen und das Prinzip basiert auf dem Infinite Monkey Theorem mit eingebauter Lern-Funktion. Wir waren da schonmal weiter, vor einem Jahr hatte ich über 'ne AI gebloggt, die spielbare Games baut – dafür aber wird hier eine supervereinfachte Programmiersprache namens Brainfuck benutzt. Auch toll!

A genetic algorithm is a type of artificial intelligence, modeled after biological evolution, that begins with no knowledge of the subject, aside from available tools and valid instructions. The AI picks a series of instructions at random (to serve as a piece of DNA) and checks the fitness of the result. It does this with a large population size, of say 100 programs. Surely, some of the programs are better than others. Those that have the best fitness are mated together to produce offspring. Each generation gets a bit of extra diversity from evolutionary techniques such as roulette selection, crossover, and mutation. The process is repeated with each child generation, hopefully producing better and better results, until a target solution is found. Genetic algorithms are programmatic implementations of survival of the fittest. They can also be classified as artificially intelligent search algorithms, with regard to how they search an immense problem space for a specific solution.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Write Self-Modifying/Improving Programs (via Hackaday)

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