Blowtooth: International Smuggling-Game for Android-Phones

Ein Game für Android-Phones, in dem man an Checkpoints der Flughäfen virtuelle „Schmuggelware“ mit den Handys der anderen Mitreisenden durch die Security bringen muss. Ben Kirman schreibt mir: „Perhaps unwisely, I made a game for Android that can only be played in real airport security. During checkin, you drop illicit contraband on unknowing fellow passengers, then attempt to find it again after passing through security.“

Blowtooth is the game in which you smuggle illegal contraband through REAL airport security in REAL airports. Upon reaching an airport, you will hide your illicit goods on unsuspecting passers-by. After clearing security, you must find and reclaim those goods from your fellow travelers, who will more than likely have dispersed to various gates and shops throughout the airport. The game is designed to only work if you are inside a real airport.

Of course, no real drugs are necessarily involved. The game runs on Android mobile devices and polls a player's vicinity for nearby devices that are advertising their presence using Bluetooth (such as phones, tablets, laptops and guns). There is no interaction with these devices, or their owners, and any reference data is anonymised.

Blowtooth is a playful critique of the simultaneously thrilling and banal experience of international air travel. The game plays on the absurd relationship between ordinary people and the oppressive security theatre in which they are forced to perform, and aims to provoke players to think more deeply about their experience of that environment.

Welcome to Blowtooth – The Game of International Smuggling! (Thanx Ben!)