Iambic Pentameter Poetry via Twitterbot

Pentametron ist ein Twitterbot, „To find inadvertent poetry in the endless torrents of language that slosh around the internet“ – der Tweets auf ihren Sprachrythmus analysiert und retweetet, wenn sie in den jambischen Fünfheber passen. Funktioniert stellenweise erstaunlich gut: „The truest. Never.ever.look.the.same. I'm so addicted to the Simpsons game.“

These sonnets are being built in realtime by digging through hundreds of thousands of tweets per hour looking for only those few which happen to be in iambic pentameter. These tweets are retweeted on the @pentametron twitter feed and collected here in an approximation of sonnet form.

Pentametron takes each of the 30-60 tweets it receives each second, and looks up each word in a dictionary which lists the stress patterns of every word. If the rhythms of all the words put together seem to add up to iambic pentameter, Pentametron considers the tweet as a possible rhyme.

Pentametron (via Daniel)