A List of What makes Dr.Banner angry

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Kenneth Johnson hat auf seiner Website eine komplette Liste aller Gründe, warum Bruce Banner in der Hulk-Serie aus den 70ern ziemlich sauer wurde. Kann man immer mal gebrauchen:

8. Being mauled by a bear

15. Having a row of computers fall on him

18. Dropping a C02 cannister on his foot after being insulted

39. Somehow locking himself in an old, dark basement, and then nearly electrocuting himself (really has to be seen to be believed)

47. Being stuck in a cab in New York rush hour traffic - "You don't understand, I have to be there by 4:00!" - "Hey, mac, it's
rush hour, we ain't gettin' there til five, so relax." - "BUT I HAVE TO BE THERE BY FOUR!!!"

50. Receiving a speeding ticket

68. Being placed in a cage with an angry gorilla

79. Making the High Priest of the Baba Yaga voodoo cult so angry with him by challenging a perfectly normal ritual sacrifice that several of the Priest's minions are obliged to beat the stuffing out of David and throw a cloak over his head

106. Being fed poisoned sushi

126. Unknowingly having one of the other guys in the rock band crew helpfully add some “orange sunshine” LSD to David’s orange juice, so that David has a really bad trip

Incredible HULK Provocations or "Ways to make Dr. David Banner angry"

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