Getting High Injecting Snake Venom

18.01.2013 Misc #Drugs #Snakes

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Ich hatte hier schon öfter Meldungen über Leute, die sich mit Schlangengift druffschicken, jetzt hat Vice einen schönen Clip über Steve Ludwin, der sich das Zeug seit 20 Jahren injeziert.

Milking an array of deadly snakes including rattlesnakes and monocled cobras, with a few vipers thrown in the mix, Steve has been injecting what would for any normal human be fatal amounts venom into his body since the late 80s.

The basic principle—laid out by pioneer herpetologist Bill Haast, who died last year at the age of 100—is that regular exposure to the venom develops an immunity. Steve claims to never get ill, and that cobra venom is the ultimate pick-me-up, with effects lasting days after injecting, making Steve stronger, faster, and more resilient.

Venom Superman

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