Wayne Dobsons House is a Cellphone-Glitch

Wayne Dobson wohnt unglücklicherweise genau an der Stelle, an der Handys (wohl vom Provider Sprint) ihre Default-Ortung platzieren. Das führt dazu, dass wenn die Ortung nicht funktioniert, Leute auf der Suche nach ihren Handys bei Wayne Dobsons Haus landen, weshalb er ständig Leute aus seinem Garten schmeißen muss. Fehler in der Matrix, indeed.

An unexplained glitch with at least one cellphone company is directing people with missing phones to [Wayne Dobsons] North Las Vegas home. And the glitch is also affecting police, who have twice been wrongly directed to his house on domestic violence calls. That has forced Dobson to post a sign on the front of his house telling people he doesn't have their phone. The situation is one that has puzzled experts.

"That's crazy," said John B. Minor, a communications expert who specializes in cellphone tracking. "This sort of thing I've not seen." The problem appears to be limited to some owners of Sprint phones. Company officials said they are researching the problem, which has forced Dobson to sleep near his front door on weekends so he can answer the door quickly at all hours.

If you lose your cellphone, don't blame Wayne Dobson