Glitchart in the dried Supermarket

Ich mag die Reallife-Auswirkungen von Glitches mittlerweile sehr viel lieber als datagemoshte JPGs oder glitchy ZappelGIFs. Erst hatten wir heute morgen Wayne Dobsons House mit dem Cellphone-Glitch, jetzt wurde versehentlich ein Supermarkt aus der Distributionskette gelöscht, woraufhin dort die Waren ausgingen. Und das war nicht irgendein Laden um die Ecke, sondern einer der größten in Edinburgh.

Deliveries to the Asda store in Chesser, Edinburgh, dried up after an IT worker deleted the shop from a delivery computer, according to a report in The Scotsman newspaper. As a result, essential re-orders were not processed and the shelves were rapidly cleared of fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, eggs and other high-turnover items.

The company claimed that it was the only store affected by the glitch and that it took control by re-ordering manually while the problem was identified and fixed. "We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to our customers because of this system glitch," it told The Scotsman.

The newspaper reported the reaction of one regular shopper, Patricia Meldrum. She said: "It was like shopping in Russia during the 80s. There was no fruit and veg and hardly anything in the fresh or frozen sections and a general lack of stuff in the store." She added: "I asked one of the assistants what was going on and was told that someone in America pressed a button and deleted the whole store from their systems, which I think is hilarious."

Asda store left empty after being accidentally wiped from computer system (via The New Aesthetic, Bild via ‏@LesleyBeck)