Giant Cobra made from frozen Bullshit

Mikhail Bopposov hat in Sibirien eine 400 Kilo schwere Riesenkobra aus gefrorener Kuhscheiße gebastelt, damit die Kids was zum Spielen haben. Dit is' doch mal was.

“I made it so the kids could play around and have some fun,” the native of the Siberian republic of Yakutia told RIA Novosti by phone Friday, speaking about his 400-kilogram creation. The snake – coiled, with head upright and hood widened – is on display in the village of Yolba, about 300 kilometers east of the republic’s capital, Yakutsk.

The installation was created to mark the coming of the Year of the Snake, which begins February 10 according to the Chinese calendar, Bopposov said.

Dung Cobra Sculpted in Russia’s Coldest Region (via Arbroath)