Vintage Interview with Lovecraft, handwritten in tiny Letters on a single Postcard sent back and forth

Der Mann mit dem grandiosen Namen Arthur H. Goodenough hat 1927 ein Interview mit H. P. Lovecraft geführt – auf einer Postkarte. Auf einer einzigen Postkarte, die die beiden hin- und hergeschickt und in winziger Handschrift vollgeschrieben haben. Whoa! Nick Mamatas hat die Karte in einem Buchladen in Brat­tle­boro, Ver­mont, gekauft, die Story aufgeschrieben und das Interview transkribiert.

One day [Sher­wood, the owner of the Bas­kets Bookstore/Paperback Palace] handed me a post­card sent between H.P. Love­craft and Arthur H. Good­e­nough, an ama­teur press enthu­si­ast liv­ing near Brat­tle­boro. Good­e­nough isn’t talked about much today, but Brat­tle­boro is still full of Good­e­nough — there’s a road named for the fam­ily (or was the fam­ily named for the road?), a trash removal firm, you name it.

Love­craft was acquainted with Good­e­nough, and Lovecraft’s vis­its to Good­e­nough in Ver­mont in 1927 and 1928 are the basis of his won­der­ful nov­el­ette “The Whis­perer in Dark­ness.” After the story was pub­lished in Weird Tales, Good­e­nough sent Love­craft a con­grat­u­la­tory card, and also asked the author a cou­ple of ques­tions. Rather than respond­ing with a card or let­ter of his own, Love­craft wrote the answers in a tiny hand and then appar­ently gave the card to Vrest Orton — a book­man and even­tual founder of The Ver­mont County Store — who returned the card to Good­e­nough per­son­ally dur­ing a trip to the Green Moun­tain State. Then Good­e­nough sent the card back to Love­craft again, with follow-up ques­tions writ­ten in a nearly micro­scopic hand. I sup­pose he knew the local post­mas­ter, and was able to get the card back into the mail sys­tem with­out a prob­lem. Amaz­ingly, Love­craft man­aged to fit the answers to the ques­tions on the post­card in an even smaller hand. Sher­wood told me that he’d guessed that Love­craft used a mag­ni­fy­ing glass and a sewing nee­dle dipped in ink.

Brattleboro Days, Yuggoth Nights – An Inter­view with Howard P. Love­craft (as uncov­ered by Nick Mamatas) (via Daniel)