Jailbreak Cat

06.01.2013 Misc #Cats #Crime

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In Brasilien haben Häftlinge im Knast eine Katze aufgezogen und wollten mit ihr Ausbruchs-Utensilien ins Gefängnis schmuggeln.

Correctional officers in northeastern Brazil captured a cat carrying contraband items into a prison last Sunday. Officials at the facility in Alagoas state said the cat carried hacksaw blades, drill bits, a cellphone and various accessories. According to the prison warden, Anderson Soares, tape secured all the items to the animal. Guards captured the feline smuggler late on Sunday night and carefully removed the items from the animal’s body.

One of the correctional officers who participated in capturing the cat said that inmates raised it in secret, and then sent it home with a family member on visiting day. “We were surprised with the detainee’s new tactic,” he said.

Prison guards apprehend 'cat smuggler'