iPhone Dock-Tanks

Sehr tolle iPhone-Panzerdocks von Toydesigner Phu, leider sind die Teile mit 400 Dollar auch unverschämt teuer. Wenn man die Kohle allerdings so locker hat, dann machen die solche Teile auch auf Anfrage mit individuellen Designs, der Lynx rechts hat's mir ja – theoretisch – sehr angetan.

Hand crafted by world famous Tech Toy designer PHU, each Tank is unique. Exclusively from Four Corner Store, we are offering both in stock designs and completely custom commissions. New Tanks will be arriving each month, but if you fancy a Tank designed just for you, simply make the selection below and we'll be in touch. 4CS and the customer will work together with PHU to create a desktop masterpiece.

All Tanks come with the charge cable built in, and are available for the iPhone 4/s and iPhone 5. Want something larger, say an iPad dock? Just let us know, and we can work with you to create one. Nothing is outside the realm of PHU's imagination! Tanks are constructed of both found objects and repurposed model fittings. As PHU's motto says: "Deconstruct / Recreate"

Custom iPhone Tank Charger (via Designboom)