In-Game Assassins hired for lazy Son

Ein Papa in China war so angepisst von seinem faulen Sohn, der den ganzen Tag nur Online-Games gezockt hat, dass er In-Game-Auftragsmörder angeheuert hat.

Sick and tired of his son playing video games and not listening to him, a father in China decided to take matters into his own hands... well, sort of. Instead of sending his son off to addiction camp or stripping him of internet and gaming rights, Mr. Feng (冯先生) chose to hire an online "hitman" to school his son. […]

Unhappy with his son not finding a job, Feng decided to hire players in his son's favorite online games to hunt down Xiao Feng. It is unknown where or how Feng found the in-game assassins—every one of the players he hired were stronger and higher leveled than Xiao Feng.

Father Hires In-Game “Hitmen” To Deter Son From Playing, 父亲雇“高手”网游中追杀儿子以制止其玩游戏