Daito Manabe Video-Portrait

 Youtube Direktdaito

Schickes Portrait des japanischen Tech-Künstlers Daito Manabe, dessen Arbeiten ich hier schon seit ein paar Jahren verfolge (und der in letzter Zeit leider vor allem Kram für Fashion und Ballet macht, womit ich so rein gar nix anfangen kann, aber hey! Immerhin macht der Mann immer wieder was neues!)

Taking the role of programmer, designer, DJ, VJ, and composer on each of his projects, Manabe is able to realize scenarios that change our perception of how our bodies interact with technology. Whereas most electronic musicians control sound with their hands, Manabe uses the electrical impulses of his facial muscles. Most of us just walk in sneakers, but Manabe fitted various pairs of Nikes with sensors that trigger and manipulate sound. DJs have long dreamed of having a third arm to mix and scratch with, and Manabe has already traversed this possibility.

Hacking The Human Body: Meet Daito Manabe

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