A Ton of Links: Hell, a Peanuts-Textadventure from the Future and The Spectacular Thefts of Apollo Robbins

02.01.2013 Misc #Linkdump

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 Vimeo Direktbond

Hier erstmal 'ne schicke Montage aus allen Bond-Intros, die zu einem Special auf Art of the Title gehört, nach dem Klick außerdem ein schicker Artikel über die Hölle, ein superinteressanter Text über den weltbesten Taschendieb Apollo Robbins, ein ziemlich bizarres Textadventure mit Peanuts from Space, einen Star Wars-Trailer mit Illus von Ralph McQuarrie, Interviews mit Stephen Colbert, Stephen King und Louis CK, einen Vortrag von Olly Moss und noch einiges mehr.

Movies and Shortfilms

James Bond: 50 Years of Main Title Design – Art of the Title: After 50 years and 23 films, the James Bond franchise is inarguably the most successful and steadfast in film history. Based on a canon of novels by journalist and WWII intelligence officer Ian Fleming, Bond was already a household name in the United Kingdom a decade before reaching the silver screen. But it was Sean Connerys performance as a souped-up version of Flemings iconic superspy that turned 007 into one of the UKs largest cultural exports, on par with Doctor Who and The Beatles.

Making Blues Brothers With John Belushi and Dan Akroyd – "We Had a Budget for Cocaine" | Vanity Fair: The pitch was simple: "John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Blues Brothers, how about it?" But the film The Blues Brothers became a nightmare for Universal Pictures, wildly off schedule and over budget, its fate hanging on the amount of cocaine Belushi consumed. From the 1973 meeting of two young comic geniuses in a Toronto bar through the careening, madcap production of John Landiss 1980 movie, Ned Zeman chronicles the triumph of an obsession.

 Youtube Direktralph

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Ralph McQuarrie-Teaser

Logan – A short film directed by Andreas Climent and André Hedetoft: A lone man locked inside a dark room is violently interrogated about his identity. When his captors finally find out who he is, they realize that he isnt locked in with them, they are the ones locked in with him…

Stephen Colbert | "America Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't" - YouTube:

Spin (by Max Hattler) on Vimeo

Louie C.K. Interview By James Poniewozik Full | The Paley Center | Reserve Channel - YouTube: Louis C.K., stand-up comic, writer, director, and actor, is interviewed by James Poniewozik, journalist and television critic best known for his Time Magazine Tuned In column and blog with the same name. Poniewozik asks the iconic comedian about his work on the hit show Louie.

A Little Christmas Miracle on Vimeo: Little Christmas Miracles narrative revolves around Robert and Tray and their Christmas adventure. Robert and Tray are garden leprechaun gnomes and old friends. Robert is having a middle age crisis while Tray is having the life Robert is jealous of; a carefree life with sunbathing and parties. On their way, Tray and Robert meet Santa who is suffering from a severe stomach ache. Tray and Robert trying to help Santa, enter his stomach where they meet Krampus, Santas demonic alter ego. Little did they know that their life was about to change forever.



 Vimeo Direktspeed

Edie Sedgwick's Speed Monologue on Vimeo

Olly Moss - OFFSET2012 on Vimeo: Best known for his re-imaginings of film posters, Moss makes images that are true to the heart of the movie, but filtered through a worldview that assumes intelligence and a wry understanding of pop culture from the audience. Clever and a little retro, Mosss work makes the art slaves in Hollywood marketing departments weep with envy at his brilliance. Its not only fan boys whove taken note. Sony, Lucasfilm, Apple, Penguin Books, Nike, Mondo Tees, Studio vGhibli – Moss counts them among his client list.

Cartoons: Triumph of the nerds | The Economist: IN 1989 Bill Watterson, the writer of "Calvin and Hobbes", a brilliant comic strip about a six-year-old child and his stuffed tiger, denounced his industry. In a searing lecture, he attacked bland, predictable comics, churned out by profit-driven syndicates. Cartooning, said Mr Watterson, "will never be more than a cheap, brainless commodity until it is published differently."
In 2012 he is finally getting his way. As the newspaper industry continues its decline, the funnies pages have decoupled from print. Instead of working for huge syndicates, or for censored newspapers with touchy editors, cartoonists are now free to create whatever they want. Whether it is cutting satire about Chinese politics, or a simple joke about being a dog, everything can win an audience on the internet.

I am sitting in a room on Vimeo: Alvin Lucier, I Am Sitting in a Room (1969, original recording). visuals by brodo aka betalab.
Luciers recording – "I Am Sitting in a Room" – banks on the fact that for any given room (the one youre in now, your bedroom, the mayors office), there are certain frequencies of sound thatll resonate above all others. Every time a recording is made inside this room, these frequencies slowly creep in over everything else – namely, Luciers voice. With each successive version, Lucier sounds more like a robot trapped in a tin box, until he sounds like nothing at all.



Hell: Into everlasting fire | The Economist: For hundreds of years, Hell has been the most fearful place in the human imagination. It is also the most absurd

Adam Green: The Spectacular Thefts of Apollo Robbins, Pickpocket : The New Yorker: Robbins, who is thirty-eight and lives in Las Vegas, is a peculiar variety-arts hybrid, known in the trade as a theatrical pickpocket. Among his peers, he is widely considered the best in the world at what he does, which is taking things from peoples jackets, pants, purses, wrists, fingers, and necks, then returning them in amusing and mind-boggling ways. Robbins works smoothly and invisibly, with a diffident charm that belies his talent for larceny. One senses that he would prosper on the other side of the law. "You have to ask yourself one question," he often says as he holds up a wallet or a watch that he has just swiped. "Am I being paid enough to give it back?"

Slavoj Zizek: I am not the worlds hippest philosopher! - Salon.com: The coolest and most influential leftist in Europe tells Salon he battles depression -- and those who worship him

The Data Behind My Ideal Bookshelf | Fred Benenson's Blog: Each of the 101 contributors Thessaly interviewed picked as many books as they thought represented their ideal bookshelf, and I knew some of them would pick identical books.
So what would a taste graph linking contributors to each other using the books on their shelves look like?

blog.reddit -- what's new on reddit: Top Posts of the Year and Best of 2012 Awards

Social Sharing Site Reddit Had Big Year, But Not All Positive Attention : NPR: The bare-bones post and link sharing website Reddit may not look like much, but its reach is tremendous. Started by two recent graduates from the University of Virginia in 2005, it now receives billions of page views each month. This year, it even attracted the likes of President Obama to participate in the sites "Ask Me Anything" feature. It has some darker elements too, however, and with little oversight and few rules, the website took heat in 2012 for allowing users to share rape jokes and explicit photos of under-aged girls. All Things Considered host Audie Cornish talks with Anthony De Rosa, social media editor for Reuters, about Reddits big year.

A Conversation With Stephen King (1:38:42) - YouTube: Stephen Kings words on page and screen have thrilled and chilled fans for three decades, but opportunities to hear those words spoken by the author himself are rare. For one night only, King took to the stage at the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell.

Pulp Scifi Under Japanese Totalitarianism: Japan, like Germany and Russia, has a long tradition of science fiction literature. And as in Germany and Russia, pulp science fiction flourished under Japans totalitarian governments during the early 20th century.


Science and Technology

Better Than Human | Gadget Lab | Wired.com: We have preconceptions about how an intelligent robot should look and act, and these can blind us to what is already happening around us. To demand that artificial intelligence be humanlike is the same flawed logic as demanding that artificial flying be birdlike, with flapping wings. Robots will think different. To see how far artificial intelligence has penetrated our lives, we need to shed the idea that they will be humanlike.

BBC - Future - Technology - Tomorrows world: A guide to the next 150 years: As we begin a new year, BBC Future has compiled 40 intriguing predictions made by scientists, politicians, journalists, bloggers and other assorted pundits in recent years about the shape of the world from 2013 to 2150.

bluecoffee comments on Houston, we have another problem: Study shows space travel is harmful to the brain: Narf. "if you stick a colony in deep space without shielding, everyone will get cancer and die inside 20 years."

Fractals and Stories: Take a grid, like graph paper, thats labeled with an x and y axis. Draw a circle thats 4 units wide, centered at x = 0, y = 0. Put a bead somewhere in the circle and mark its starting x and y. Now move it according to this formula:
1. Find the square of its present x position, subtract the square of its y position, and add the original x position. Slide it to that value on the x axis.
2. Double its present x times its present y, and add the original y. Move the bead to that point on the y axis.

Richard Dawkins Three-Part Series Reveals The Genius of Charles Darwin | Open Culture: This British Broadcast Award-winning Channel 4 documentary series comes in three parts: "Life, Darwin & Everything" (the title a nod to Dawkins late friend, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy author and biology fan Douglas Adams), "The Fifth Ape," and "God Strikes Back." Beginning with the basics, it has Dawkins explain how, exactly, species evolve by way of natural selection, at one point to a dubious high school classroom.

The Cold Hard Facts of Freezing to Death | Outdoor Adventure | OutsideOnline.com: The cold remains a mystery, more prone to fell men than women, more lethal to the thin and well muscled than to those with avoirdupois, and least forgiving to the arrogant and the unaware.

Numberphile - Videos about Numbers and Stuff



M A S T A B A S N O O P Y: Explanation5: 1. An Unknown Alien Being acquires a childs forgotten book and mistakenly beliefs that it depicts proper protocol for interaction with the human world.
2. It grows and converts all life into more of itself, like a living strangelet - emotionless spacial cancer.
It can shapeshift or divide at will and learns quickly. Each mass it breaks off possesses its own intelligence.
3. The new being filters everything it perceives through the lens of Peanuts comics. It mimics characters, but with no understanding of how they fit together.
A computer-generated collage. It doesnt understand human rules - but it does understands the laws of Peanuts.



BBC DocArchive: The Hackers 01 Jan 13 (MP3): Governments, companies and criminals do it. But in recent years some of the highest profile computer hacks have come from hacktivist groups. Who are they and what motivates them?

BBC Witness: Pong (MP3): It is 40 years since the birth of the computer gaming industry.



Groove Armada - 6 Mix (New Year's Eve Special) (2012-12-31) by EverybodywantstobetheDJ on SoundCloud - Hear the worlds sounds: TRACKLISTING

Onra - After Hours [Fools Gold Records]
Aloe Blacc - Dollar (KRL Remix) [Stones Throw Records]
Hot Natured & Ali Love - Benediction [ITH]
Simian Mobile Disco - Your Love Aint Fair [Wichita Recordings Ltd]
Groove Armada - Activate My Heart [Hypercolour]
Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam [Virgin]
Groove Armada - Always Take Me Higher [Hypercolour]
Grimes - Vowels = Space and Time [4AD]
Frank Ocean - Sweet Life [Island Def Jam Music Group]
Nina Kraviz & Nomad - Nomad Vs Devotion (Groove Armada Re-Edit) [Bootleg]
Jojonson - Hot Creations
[unknown] - Love Kills (Groove Armada Re-edit)
E.S.P. - Its You (DJT Edit) [Get Physical Music]
Disclosure - Latch (feat. Sam Smith)
Kindness - House [Female Energy/Polydor Records]
Without End - Bad Autopsy [Well Rounded Records]
Without End - Bad Autopsy [Well Rounded Records]
Dale Howard - Bounce Back [Morris Audio]
Douglas Grieve - When A Man Sings On A Track
Prince - 17 Days
Trouble Funk - Still Smokin [4th & Broadway]
Joey Bada$$ - Waves [Cinematic /RED Distribution]
Maribou State - Scarlet Groove (feat. Saint Saviour) [Southern Fried Records]
Kariya - Let Me Love You For Tonight
Transglobal Underground - Templehead [Nation Records]
Groove Armada - Oh Tweak To Me [Hypercolour]
Ian Pooley - Compurythmn [Innerversions]
Anek - This World (DJ Wild Remix) (feat. Robert Owens) [Chronovision Ibiza]
Huxley - Can't Sleep [Tsuba]
[unknown] - Back Up Queen
Christopher Malinchak - Razor [White]
The O'Jays - Backstabbers [Epic]
Brett Johnson - Slow Down Baby (Severino Remix) [Classic Music]
Los Amigos Invisibles - Glad To Know You (feat. Dimitri From Paris) [Gomma]
Kolton Prima - Casa Banana [Pizzico Records]
Maxxi Soundsystem - Critisize [Kojak Giant Sounds]
Stereogamous - Face Love Anew (Hmd Remix) (feat. Shaun J Wright) [Honey Soundsystem]
Phreek Plus One - La Spirale [Internasjonal]
Donna Summer - I Feel Love [Mercury]
Terry Callier - As Long As We're In Love [Cadet Records]
Bee Gees - To Love Somebody [Polydor]
Nancy Wilson - What Are You Doing New Years Eve? [Mcg Jazz]
Groove Armada - RJ's Theme [Work It!]
PBR Streetgang - Bring You Up [Glasgow Underground]
Loco Dice - Detox [Desolat]
Orbital - Chime [Warner]
Daft Punk - One More Time (Groove Armada's Past & Present ReEdit) [Unreleased]
Deep Future - Let Me Go (Dirty Channels Gruuvy Rework) [Gruuv]
Disclosure - Boiling [Greco Roman]
Jimmy - Spank (Brooklyn '69 Mix) [Streerheat]
Gloria Jones - Tainted Love [Virgin]
LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House [DFA]
Foremost Poets - Moonraker [Gigolo]
Azari & III - Reckless With Your Love (Tiga Remix) [Loose Lips Records]
Douglas Greed - Resist [Gigolo]
Ectomorph - Lost Angels (Manyangels Version) [Ghostly International]
Fake Chicken & Cheap Soap - Jack Back (Alexkid Dub Mix) [Greenhorn Records]
Green Velvet - Stormy Weather [Music Man Records]