Happy 30th, Internet!

Heute vor 30 Jahren ging das TC- und Internet-Protokoll an den Start, das heute die Grundlage bildet für praktisch alles, was wir hier so machen. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Dreißigsten, Internet, there's no place like! Und zum Geburtstag hab' ich hier eine Dame, die Euch Eure IP-Adresse vorstöhnt: Moan My IP.

Robert Kahn and [Vint Cerf] developed a new computer communication protocol designed specifically to support connection among different packet-switched networks. We called it TCP, short for “Transmission Control Protocol,” and in 1974 we published a paper about it in IEEE Transactions on Communications: “A Protocol for Packet Network Intercommunication.” Later, to better handle the transmission of real-time data, including voice, we split TCP into two parts, one of which we called “Internet Protocol,” or IP for short. The two protocols combined were nicknamed TCP/IP.

TCP/IP was tested across the three types of networks developed by DARPA, and eventually was anointed as their new standard. In 1981, Jon Postel published a transition plan to migrate the 400 hosts of the ARPANET from the older NCP protocol to TCP/IP, including a deadline of January 1, 1983, after which point all hosts not switched would be cut off.

Marking the birth of the modern-day Internet