Sex-Ghosts and Mummies with big Dicks

Tolles Interview mit Paul Koudounaris über sizilianische Sex-Geister und Mumien mit großen Penissen. Yep. Über Koudounaris und dessen Buch „Empire of Death“ hatte ich hier schon ein paar mal gebloggt: The Empire of Death: A Cultural History of Charnel Houses und The Midnight Archive Ep.6: The Empire of Death.

One of the more outlandish stories is about a guy who got to be called “pene grande,” which means “big dick.” He was a mummy famed in life for having a big penis. People would go down to the Palermo Catacombs and treat him as the patron saint of big cocks. Finally a newlywed woman came to see him because she was married to a guy who was not well-endowed. She took a cloth and rubbed it on the mummy’s dick, and then rubbed it on her husband’s dick. The next time she had sex with her husband, his penis seemed larger and fuller and she was about to orgasm except that at that moment she looked up and saw it was actually the ghost on top of her. Everyone thought she was crazy, but then it happened again the next time she had sex. They had to set up an exorcism for this ghost.

How does one expel a penis ghost?
They had a blacksmith make a tight-fitting sheath made of metal, and once the husband got erect the ghost came out and got caught in the codpiece. They threw holy water at him.

Then what?
That expelled the ghost from the guy’s body. So forever he had a small penis, but he was free of the ghost. As for the ghost, he gained a great following among older ladies, and eventually so many were coming to see him that they had to lock the mummy in a back room, which is where he remains to this day.

Bones, Ghosts, and Paul Koudounaris (via JWZ)