Free Hugs from Russian Cops

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Polizisten-Knuddel-„Kunst“ von Anton Kotenev. Die russischen Behörden behaupten, das Video sei Fake (Ach komm', ehrlich?), Kotenev behauptet, das sei alles echt. Der Mann musste dann auch prompt zum Verhör antanzen und war wohl eine zeitlang Mitglied der Künstlergruppe Voina, deren feministische Splittergruppe Anfang 2011 ein ganz ähnliches Video gemacht hatte (bevor diese Damen übrigens zu Pussy Riot und damit weltbekannt wurden).

Marina Galperina hat die ganze Story auf AnimalNY aufgeschrieben: THERE ARE SOME RUSSIAN COPS HERE TO HUG YOU.

The alleged motive is clear: Associate the Russian police with the friendly, the warm and the huggable — and not… say…. the indiscriminate and deliberate violence of cinematic proportions and general uselessness that they’re notorious for. It is scored with a sappy seasonal New Year’s Eve-themed song — the one and only holiday Russia really celebrates and goes all out for. It’s all about love thy fellow man in uniform, guys. […]

In response to a Russian news story with some high-ranking officer calling it a fake, Anton Kotenev defends his video’s documentary authenticity of with deadpan eloquence. The officer said there were tell-tale signs, like the very un-cop-like “demeanor.” Kotenev inquires why that officer can’t imagine that “cops too can express human emotions.” He snaps: “I, for one, would like to believe that even police officers — at least so close to New Year’s Eve — can be normal people.”

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