Vintage Bureaucracy and Deep Paket Inspection in the 60s

Tolle, kurze Geschichte von Peter E. Hart, der damals an der Entwicklung früher AI-Systeme beteiligt war und das ARPA-Net nutzte, dem militärischen Vorläufer des heutigen Internets. Der bekam damals Besuch von der Aufsicht und musste Auskunft geben über die Übertragung von genau „2,493,786,916 packets of bits“. Vintage Deep Paket Inspection.

“Dr. Hart, it says here that you’ve received 2,493,786,916 packets of bits. Is that correct?” I certainly hadn’t expected that question, but I was on my best behavior, so I politely replied, “Well, I’m not sure of the exact number, but that sounds about right.” He made a check mark on his file.

He then asked, “Were adequate procedures set up to inspect the condition of these incoming packets?” I was starting to get an inkling of where this was going. I thought there must be some error-detecting codes somewhere in the communication path, so I simply answered “Yes”.

An Early Tale of the Internet (via MeFi)