Eminem is a World Class Donkey Kong-Player

Wusste ich jetzt auch nicht: Eminem ist ein ziemlicher Retrogame-Nerd und sein Highscore in Donkey Kong ist auf Weltklasse-Level und er will Steve Wiebe und Billy Mitchell schlagen.

In November 2010, a Rolling Stone cover story interview with Eminem shed more light on the basis of his Donkey Kong fixation, and on his goals:

Eminem is a vintage video-game fiend. The studio lobby is filled with arcade classics: Donkey Kong, Frogger, Space Invaders. His interest grew after seeing a documentary called The King of Kong, about a mild-mannered engineer named Steve Wiebe and his quest to capture the world Donkey Kong record. (Two of Eminem's machines are autographed by Wiebe.) He says he's also trying to break Wiebe's record, and on one of his Donkey Kong games, all six high scores belong to MBM – Marshall Bruce Mathers.

Eminem's Donkey Kong Ambitions (via Jason Kottke)