Drone Identification-Kit

21.12.2012 Misc
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Schickes Kunst-Ding von James „The New Aesthetics“ Bridle, der sich ein Identifikations-Set für Dronen gebastelt hat. Das Teil basiert auf seinem früheren Ansatz „Under the Shadow of the Drone“. Sehr schick, jede Menge Subtext, funktioniert auf ganz vielen Ebenen. Toll!

This kit consists of three models of contemporary military drones: the MQ-1 Predator, the RQ-170 Sentinel, and the RQ-4 Global Hawk. Human figures are included for scale. The kit was produced using 3D modelling software and desktop 3D printing technologies, with the assistance of Digital Fabrication Specialist Carlos Cruz. All three UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) depicted here are in use at the present time to provide situational awareness in conflict zones around the world for a number of armed forces, as well as in domestic use, including border patrol, forest fire and storm observation, and humanitarian relief. These three UAVs are all configured as unarmed surveillance drones, although they may be weaponised.

The kit is based on military and civilian recognition kits: collections of models used to train gunners, radar operators and visual observers. The UAV Identification Kit is an act of visualisation, a materialisation of an unseen technology. As our technology grows ever more networked, ever more complex and interconnected, it both brings us together, and distances us. What we choose to do with these technologies is a function of our ability to see and read them, and to act with them: a literacy, a fluency, and an agency.

The Kit is intended to confer and facilitate these things, training the observer, enabling them to bear witness, and to act.

UAV Identification Kit 001 (via Hyperallergic)