Zork-Creators Interview via Textadventure

Wired hat ein Interview mit Dave Lebling, Gründer von Infocom und Entwickler von Zork und dem Hitchhikers Guide-Adventure. Das Interview ist ein Text-Adventure. Großartig!

Wired spoke to Dave Lebling […] for this story. But in honor of their achievements and their medium of choice, we’ve decided to present the results of our interviews in a text adventure of our own, below. You’ll have to play to find out more. […]

>open mailbox
You open the mailbox, revealing a parcel and a letter.

>open parcel
You open the parcel, revealing a trophy.

>read letter
It is a letter on WIRED letterhead, and it seems to be addressed to you. It begins...

Text Adventure: Zork Creators Honored With Pioneer Award