Underwarter Bonsai

Makoto Azuma macht Kunst mit Blumen und Pflanzen und sein neuestes Dings ist ein Bonsai, der unter Wasser in einem Aquarium wächst, das seinen natürlichen Lebensraum (an der Luft) simuliert. Hat was von Space-Plants on Earth, oder sowas.

 Youtube Direktbonsai

Botanical artist Makoto Azuma has been perennially experimenting with bonsai in search of new ways of viewing one of Japan’s oldest art forms. His latest endeavor is to recreate a sustainable bonsai within an underwater environment.

Deadwood is garnished with java moss to resemble leaves, and then secured within a clear, minimal aquarium. And to recreate the natural cycles that exist within nature, LED lights and CO2 emissions within the tank help stimulate photosynthesis. Finally, a filtration system keeps the water free of bacteria and other organisms.

Underwater Bonsai (via Spoon Tamago)