Saul Bass' The Shining-Scribbles

Dass Saul Bass das Poster zu Kubricks The Shining gestaltet hatte, wusste ich. Ich wusste aber nicht, dass der Mann 300 Entwürfe dafür anfertigen musste, bis Kubrick zufrieden war. Bobby Solomon von The Fox Is Black war in der Kubrick-Ausstellung und hat ein paar davon geknippst.

One of the coolest parts, especially for a designer like myself, was these sketches by Saul Bass for the film poster of The Shining. I previously I had no idea that Saul Bass had created the original poster (which you can see at the top) so this was a really cool surprise. I’ve read online that Kubrick made Bass go through at least 300 versions of the poster until finally ending on the extremely alien looking version we now know.

The other gem was getting to see Saul Bass’ signature, which absolutely made me laugh. It’s the body of a bass, with Bass’ face.

Saul Bass Poster Sketches for Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’