Nose Hair Datavisualization

Clean Air Asia visualisieren Daten zur Luftverschmutzung in Japan mit langen Nasenhaaren.

The more dirty air you breathe, the more nose hair you need. Today, 70% of developing Asian cities have harmful levels of fine particulate pollution. These are impurities that enter your nose and penetrate your lungs. It causes over 800,000 premature deaths in Asia every year.

See how much nose hair you need to survive without clean air in your city.

Studies have found that more nose hair gives individuals a three times less likely chance of developing asthma, and the hairy nose metric demonstrates just how vital hirsute nostrils must be to deal with a dirty air epidemic that the World Health Organization notes kills 1.3 million people globally: 800,000 (about 61.5-percent) of those are in Asia.

This Weird Map Visualizes Air Pollution as Nose Hair Length (via io9)