Stanley Donwoods doomed Hollywood as GIF-Graffiti by Insa

Insas GIF-ITTIs gehen regelmäßig durchs Netz, jetzt hat sie oder er Stanley Donwoods (der Mann, der die Radiohead-Artworks malt) Cover für das neue Album von Thom Yorkes Band Atoms for Peace auf das Büro von XL Records in Los Angeles gepinselt und daraus ein animiertes GIF gemacht.

Longtime Radiohead and Thom Yorke collaborator, Donwood, created the artwork for the Atoms For Peace album, a scene of armageddon in modern Los Angeles. This was interpreted by INSA as a piece of his patented GIF-ITI. INSA painted the Atoms For Peace artwork on to the XL office in Los Angeles a number of times, each a different frame of animation, to create a real life GIF. […]

INSA on the GIF: "My challenge was to take two very static items, a beautiful lino-cut and a less beautiful box of a building, and bring them to life. After a week of sweating in the Los Angeles late summer sun re-painting the whole building several times i got there. Animated as a continuous GIF it may only live online but some would argue that is where most now live their lives..."

Hollywood Dooom GIF by Stanley Donwood x INSA (via The Verge)