Decay: Zombies at the LHC – Complete Film online

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Vor ein paar Wochen bloggte ich den Trailer zu „Decay“, einem Zombiefilm, der am und im Large Hadron Collider am CERN spielt, gedreht von Studenten und Mitarbeitern des Teilchenbeschleunigers. Heute haben sie den kompletten Film unter CC-Lizenz online gestellt, oben die Youtube-Version, hier der Film auf Vimeo, Torrents sind in Arbeit.

As of Saturday 8th December, the film Decay will be available for free download and streaming online via the website under a Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-NC). […] Made by physicists, it is set at the Large Hadron Collider, and centres around zombies created by exposure to the newly-discovered Higgs boson. Writer and director Luke Thompson, a University of Manchester Ph.D. student, originally conceived the idea in February 2010, after joking that the tunnels under CERN would be ideal for a zombie film. With a budget of approximately £2000 and a regular cast and crew of only 20, the team built a camera shoulder-mount from copper pipes, made fake blood from golden syrup, and scavenged props from dumpsters. […]

The film follows a small group of students (played by physicists) after a disastrous malfunction in the world’s biggest particle accelerator. As they try desperately to escape from the underground maintenance tunnels, they are hunted by the remains of a maintenance team, who have become less than human.

Decay – The greatest Discovery in Physics could be our last. (via Andreas)