Failes Wolf within Mongolia

Das Streetart-Kollektiv Faile mixt Streetart, klassische Bildhauerei und Architektur zu Zeugs, das so sonst keine hinkriegt. Jetzt haben sie eine fünf Meter hohe Statue aus Stahl in die Mongolei gestellt, die einen Businesskasper mit Wolfsfell zeigt, der sich grade seinen Anzug vom Leib reisst. Whoa! Zuletzt hatte ich Faile vor zwei Jahren hier, damals hatten sie in Lissabon einen kompletten Tempel mit Streetart-Details auf 'nen Marktplatz gebaut.

FAILE has unveiled a new sculpture that has been designed to speak to the future of Mongolia. Entitled, ‘Wolf Within’, the 5m fiberglass and steel creation was unveiled October 12th at National Garden Park, a new 1650 acre project in the heart of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. ‘Wolf Within’ is created in conjunction with the global Tiger Translate initiative that aims to uncover the best emerging creative talents across Asia and provide them with opportunities to collaborate with their more established Western counterparts. It represents the first US-Mongolian collaboration of this nature.

Backed by the serene Bogd Mountain Preserve and facing the rapid development of the city, Wolf Within reminds us not to lose touch with our environment and traditions while in the pursuit of economic gain.

Wolf Within Sculpture (via Juxtapoz)

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