IE10 Commercial is actually really good

 Youtube Direktfirefox, via We like that

Man muss ja auch fair bleiben: Das Commercial für den neuen Internet Explorer ist wirklich gelungen, mehr unter The Browser you love to hate. Tolles Detail: Es gibt 'ne Website für den Karaoke Web Standard voller lustigem Bullshit – was ja auch ganz gut Microsofts Verhältnis zu Webstandards illustriert –, inklusive einem Mini-Sequel zum Commercial:

 Youtube Direktkaraoke

This specification defines a new API, focused on semantic language processing for two-way communication with a remote host. Eschewing typical binary protocols, this new interface creates a system-to-system forced sonic recognition on the receiving party.

Note 1: This API does not grant access to the libation enhancement suite, a codebase addition deemed instrumental to the deployment of this technology by the editor of this document.

Note 2: This API is considered an experimental web standard. Spec authors are encouraged to modify the specification in a manner that fits their vocal aptitude, melodic preferences, or appetite for embarrassment to maximize impact and accelerate candidate recommendation status.