Advertising for Freelance Bankrobbing-Online-Service

Das ist eine Anzeige aus einem russischen Forum für Freelance Gangster in Amerika, die für ihre Kunden Banken ausrauben oder sonstwie Kohle abziehen. Die Kunden bekommen sogar einen Zugang zu einem Backend, in dem sie ihren Zug monitoren können. Ist wie Paket-Tracking für Gangster.

An online service boldly advertised in the cyber underground lets miscreants hire accomplices in several major U.S. cities to help empty bank accounts, steal tax refunds and intercept fraudulent purchases of high-dollar merchandise. […]

According to the advertisement, customers of this service get their very own login to a remote panel, where they can interact with the cashout service and monitor the progress of their thievery operations. The service also can be hired to drain bank accounts using counterfeit debit cards obtained through ATM skimmers or hacked point-of-sale devices. The complicit mules will even help cash out refunds from phony state and federal income tax filings — a lucrative form of fraud that, according to the Internal Revenue Service, cost taxpayers $5.2 billion last year.

Foreign Agents is one of the more renowned complicit cashout services in the underground, and has been around for at least three years.

Online Service Offers Bank Robbers for Hire (via Boing Boing)