The Grey Album Re-Mastered

Soundcloud Direktgrey, via Waxy

John Stewart, Sound-Engineer aus Colorado, hat Danger Mouse' „The Grey Album“ neu abgemischt. Das Album hatte 2004 praktisch im Alleingang gezeigt, dass man mit Mashups auch eigenständige und seriöse Kunst machen kann. Natürlich hat die EMI damals eine Verbreitung zu verhindert versucht, ist aber ebenso natürlich kläglich gescheitert. Forbes hat einen Artikel zur neuen Fassung:

Revisiting The Grey Album with an expert ear gave Stewart the ability to pinpoint its audio flaws, and his professional experience gave him the agency to do something about it. Stewart says he first got the idea to remaster The Grey Album on Wednesday, Nov. 21, but it didn’t really click until that Saturday. On Sunday he set out to improve the album’s audio, tinkering with various faders in ProTools until he achieved the desired effect: “I just kind of put the sonics on steroids,” he says. Stewart knocked out the entire project that day and uploaded The Grey Album (Remastered) to SoundCloud and MediaFire on Monday. In the few passing days since releasing the updated version of The Grey Album it’s been covered by sites such as The Source and FACT Magazine, and a swarm of fans have reached out to Stewart to thank him. “A lot of people have thought that it needed to be remastered,” he says. “So it worked out.”

The Story Behind The Newly Remastered Version Of 'The Grey Album'