3D-scanned, 3D-printed Glitch-Mickey Mouse

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez' Experimente mit 3D-Scannern und geglitchtem 3D-Printing hatte ich schonmal vor einem Jahr hier, jetzt hat er Mickey Mouse gescannt und gedruckt, auch als Kommentar auf Disneys repressives Copyright-Lobbying.

Each derivative demonstrates the progression of scanning and remixing processes I’m developing. The choice of character also raises issues of potential clashes with big copyright holders that could potentially choose to lobby for legislation against 3D scanning. The Disney Corporation fascinates me for paradoxically pioneering remix culture by creating their own versions of public domain characters such as Snow White and Cinderella, and yet the company take a hostile approach against any attempts to copy their own creations.

sekuMoi Mecy (via Who Killed Bambi)

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