Pirate Organization: Lessons from the Fringes of Capitalism

 Youtube Direktpirates, danke Jannis!

Sehr schicker Trailer zu einem Buch, das ich mir grade zulegen musste: „Pirate Organization: Lessons from the Fringes of Capitalism“ erzählt die Geschichte der Piraterie von den ersten Freibeutern auf dem indischen Ozean, über Piratenradio bis zu Anonymous und den Piraten von heute. Darüber hinaus wird wohl auch ein Ausblick auf Piraterie in der Zukunft angedeutet, Pirates in Space und sowas. Bioengineered Copyright Infringement hatten wir hier aufm Blog immerhin auch schon vor anderthalb Jahren. Spannender Trailer, superinteressant klingendes Buch, habe ich mir grade eben gekauft.

A short history of piracy and capitalism: When capitalism spread along the trade routes toward the Indies...when radio opened an era of mass communication . . . when the Internet became part of the global economy...pirates were there. And although most people see pirates as solitary anarchists out to destroy capitalism, it turns out the opposite is true. They are the ones who forge the path.

In "The Pirate Organization," Rodolphe Durand and Jean-Philippe Vergne argue that piracy drives capitalism's evolution "and" foreshadows the direction of the economy. Through a rigorous yet engaging analysis of the history and golden ages of piracy, the authors show how pirates form complex and sophisticated organizations that change the course of capitalism. Surprisingly, pirate organizations also behave in predictable ways: challenging widespread norms; controlling resources, communication, and transportation; maintaining trade relationships with other communities; and formulating strategies favoring speed and surprise. We could learn a lot from them--if only we paid more attention.

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