Neil Patrick Harris dreams in Puppets

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Neil Patrick Harris hat eine neue Webshow im Nerdist-Channel am Start, der Behind-The-Scenes-Trailer ging vor ein paar Tagen rum, jetzt haben sie den ersten Teil online gestellt. Das Ding wird eine insgesamt siebenteilige Webserie mit NPH, seinem Lebenspartner David Burtka und jeder Menge Puppen aus der Henson Company. Ich find's ehrlich gesagt bislang ein bisschen unkomisch, leider, aber das wird wahrscheinlich noch, der Auftakt der Show ist laut Entertainment Weekly bewusst zahm.

While upcoming episodes promise drag queens, puppet sex, and a surprising amount of nudity — this ain’t a family webseries — the first episode features a simple fear of falling and a vividly illustrative song penned by co-creator and producer Janet Varney.

Hier noch der Trailer und ein Snip mit nem NPH-Interview zur Puppenaction:

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKY: So my first question is very basic. Do you actually dream in puppet?
NEIL PATRICK HARRIS: Um. Ish? Is that an answer?

That’s an answer!
I’m infatuated with puppets. I never thought I’d get the opportunity to produce content involving puppets, and I’m thrilled at the end result.

How did this happen? Did you come to Nerdist with the idea?
Chris [Hardwick at Nerdist] came to me. He was looking for content for his [YouTube] channel and he sent me an email asking if I’d be interested in doing a show that was involving a collaboration with the Jim Henson puppets. And that’s kind of all you need to say to me.