English Words in chinese Micro-Protest-Memes

Superinteressantes Posting auf dem Blog Ministry of Tofu (die Memes aus dem chinesischen Web in englisch aufbereiten, sehr oft mit politischem Hintergrund) über Wortkombinationen und -Neuschöpfungen aus der englischen Sprache durch chinesische User – vor allem vom dortigen Twitter-Klon Sina Waibo –, die damit soziokulturelle Phänomene in ihrer Heimat beschreiben. Klingt kompliziert, ist aber ganz einfach. Beispiel: „Goveruption: Government + Corruption. A government riddled with corruption.“ Praktisch ist das hier Micro-Protest durch Wortschöpfung, so ein bisschen, wie wenn wir hier von „Internet-Ausdruckern“ reden, nur mit 'nem ernsteren Hintergrund:

Hier ein paar meiner „Favorites“:

Freedamn: Freedom + Damn. Freedom with Chinese characteristics.

Smilence: Smile + Silence. Smile without saying anything. When Chinese net users uses the word, it implies a shared tacit understanding or hidden knowledge, but given the pressure and censorship, one chooses to remain silent and dismiss it with a smile.

Antizen: Ant + Citizen. Citizens as humble as ants. Urban grass roots living in ant-tribes, a form of warren-like subterranean abode.

Gunverment: Gun + Government. A government that rules by armed forces, and hence, violence. It comes from Chairman Mao’s quote: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”.

Propoorty: Property + Poor. China’s overheated real estate market can easily make a middle class family poor and even bankrupt.

Harmany: Harmony + Harm + Many. Harmonious Society is a political catchphrase put forward by Chinese President Hu Jintao, and is also symbolic of the censorship effort to stifle ‘discordant voices’ to achieve the façade of unity with the government, often at the price of jailing and punishing dissidents.

Profartssor: Professor + Fart. Pseudo experts encouraged by a mouthpiece or the propaganda department to talk bullshit, for example, “Milk poisoning is caused by lactose intolerance,” and “Only by widening the gap between the rich and the poor can the society make progress,” to defend the authorities and fool the public.

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