Random Shopping Amazon-Bot

Wo wir's grade von Code-Kunst hatten: Darius Kazemi hat ein Script geschrieben, das ihm zufällige Dinge auf Amazon kauft. Ein Algorithmus als Kunstprojekt, das sich über Distribution und Logistik manifestiert, inklusive Konsumkritik… und eigentlich kauft das Ding einfach nur irgendwelchen Scheiß, ich liebe diesen einen Satz aus der Info: „Something that just… fills my life with crap.“ Toll!

I’ve had an idea for a long time now. It’s inspired by one of my favorite feelings: when you order something on Amazon, and it’s put on backorder, and then you forget you ordered it, and a year later it arrives—and it’s like a gift you bought yourself.

Well, I thought: what if I just wrote a program to buy stuff for me? The first iteration of this was going to be a program that bought me stuff that I probably would like.

But then I decided that was too boring. How about I build something that buys me things completely at random? Something that just… fills my life with crap? How would these purchases make me feel? Would they actually be any less meaningful than the crap I buy myself on a regular basis anyway?

Random Shopper – The chronicles of Darius Kazemi and the bot he wrote that buys him random crap. (via Marco)