MegaUpload-Shutdown hurt Box Office

Eine Studie zeigt, dass die amtliche Plattmachung von MegaUpload die Einnahmen an den Kinokassen geschmälert haben. An dieser Stelle Nelson Munz vorstellen, und zwar ganz laut.

Researchers from Munich School of Management and Copenhagen Business School published a short paper titled “Piracy and Movie Revenues: Evidence from Megaupload.” The study analyzes weekly data from 1344 movies in 49 countries over a five-year period, to asses the impact of the Megaupload shutdown on movie theater visits.

The researchers theorize that some films may actually benefit from piracy due to word of mouth promotion, and their findings partly support this idea.

Comparing box office revenues before and after the Megaupload raids shows that overall box office revenues went down. The effects are small, but consistent across different sample designs when taking into account factors such as inflation, Internet penetration and the popularity of Megaupload in each country.

Megaupload Shutdown Hurt Box Office Revenues