These Mannequins are watching your ass while Shopping

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Letzte Woche ging 'ne Meldung über Shops rum, deren Marketingfuzzis die Überwachungskameras in den Kaufhäusern mit Marketing-Tools versehen und so Kunden erkennen und Profile anlegen können. Aber es geht noch creepiger: Benetton und ein paar andere Luxus- und Fashion-Marken benutzen Überwachungskameras in den Augen von Schaufensterpuppen, um ihre Kunden auszuspionieren. Die Viecher können nicht nur gucken, die können auch hören und man testet grade eine Marketing-Lauschaktion. Uncanny Valley is watching you.

Bloomberg Direktcreeps, via Animal NY

Fashion brands are deploying mannequins equipped with technology used to identify criminals at airports to watch over shoppers in their stores. Retailers are introducing the EyeSee, sold by Italian mannequin maker Almax SpA, to glean data on customers much as online merchants are able to do.

Five companies are using a total of “a few dozen” of the mannequins with orders for at least that many more, Almax Chief Executive Officer Max Catanese said. The 4,000-euro ($5,130) device has spurred shops to adjust window displays, store layouts and promotions to keep consumers walking in the door and spending.

“It’s spooky,” said Luca Solca, head of luxury goods research at Exane BNP Paribas in London. “You wouldn’t expect a mannequin to be observing you.”

Bionic Mannequins Spy on Shoppers to Boost Luxury Sales (Bild: Mannequins by Manuel W.)

[update] Statement von Benetton, Zitat wurde entsprechend der Story bei Bloomberg editiert: „Benetton Group does not employ any mannequins – or, for that matter, anything else – with the technology described in various media reports that circulated in the last days.“

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