Silent But Deadly, the Flashgame with crapped Pants

Silent But Deadly ist ein Flashgame, in dem man sich im Büro in die Hosen kackt und den Kollegen mit feinen Geruchssinnen entkommen muss. Wie Splinter Cell mit crapped Pants. Das Game ist der erste Entwurf für eins der Games aus DoubleFines HumbleBundle-Aktion, hier der Teaser dort dazu und ein paar Infos von Killscreen:

In [Silent but Deadly], you are a faceless office drone who has pooped himself in frustration over a malfunctioning computer. Emitting an aura of crap-stench, you have to navigate floors of the office building without being discovered by sniffing colleagues. This mechanic, in combination with the asides from your workmates (“what is love?”) combine for a surreal and hysterical experience.

Boehle built the playable demo in a game design class last spring, then shelved it as he started a job at Tim Schaefer’s studio, Double Fine. When the company’s annual “Amnesia Fortnight” – a two-week game jam during which employees develop on off-the-wall prototypes – rolled around, however, Boehle pitched it.

“Tim was a bit surprised,” Boehle said, “but he was very amused.”

Introducing Silent But Deadly, the stealth game about pooping your pants