Man with a Fetish for making People carry other People around

Gary Medrow ruft bei Leuten an und überzeugt sie, er wäre Polizist oder Arzt oder beides und erfindet Geschichten, damit die Leute sich gegenseitig rumtragen. Is'n Fetisch von ihm, macht er so seit 40 Jahren. Ich glaube, von allen Fetischen, von denen ich jemals gehört hab', ist das hier der seltsamste.

During his "careers" Medrow has talked cheerleaders into lifting one another, motel workers into carrying one another and business executives into toting their secretaries around the office.

In 2006 he was accused of calling women in Waukesha and Monroe counties and identifying himself as Department of Motor Vehicle crash investigator "Mike Clark."

He told one woman his investigation required her to carry around another female so he could determine if they were involved in a hit-and-run accident in which a woman was carried away from the scene by another woman.

Man with fetish for persuading strangers to carry each other around back in action