Beastie Boys Wow! Wow! Wow! Remix Tape Volume 2

19.11.2012 Misc
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Soundcloud Direktbeasties, via Interweb3000

Tolles Mixtape voller Beasties-Remixe von Jeff Drew. Einen ersten Teil gab's vor zwei Jahren. Und wo wir grade bei den Beasties sind: Jim "Food One" Mahfood hat sein 2007er Pauls Boutique-Comic in einer MCA-Tribute-Version neu aufgelegt, kaufen kann man das Ding hier, Snip von DJ Food:

Each track is dissected with lyrics, samples and making-of facts alongside illustrations referencing the subject matter. It’s a beautiful tribute to the album, which Jim has said he listens to at least once every week, and made him the first choice for an image when we were compiling our mix.

The new version features a brand new wrap-around cover, new inside front and inside back cover art, 32 pages, black ink printed on light yellow paper. Signed and numbered by Jim.

Jim Mahfood ‘Ask For Janice’ Paul’s Boutique mag