3D-printed Leopard-Spine-Insect-Corsett from the MIT. It's called Kafka.

Ein 3D-gedrucktes Korsett vom MIT in Form eines Insektenpanzers und einer Wirbelsäule. Mit Leopardenmuster in knallbunt. Das Ding heisst Kafka und ist Teil einer Serie von 3D-gedruckten Mythologien zum Anziehen. Wahnsinn!

Drawing its inspiration from Franz Kafka’s novel Metamorphosis, this flexible corset –- Kafka -– represents an insect’s soft torso shell combined with “armour’ (a human spine).

It is 3D-printed in malleable rubber-like material, with leopard’s spots. The ornate, soft-printed texture covering the shell is informed by the curvature of the armour. Denser patterns appear in regions of high curvature, such as those surrounding the joints, providing more flexibility.

MIT: Neri Oxman, Wired UK: Nature's architect: explore MIT's 'wearable mythologies' in pictures