The Infinite Jukebox

Ihr erinnert Euch an den Infinite Gangnam? Der Macher hat den Music-Hack jetzt für andere Songs umgeschrieben, man kann eigene MP3s hochladen oder aus einer Liste bereits geloopter Songs wählen: The Infinite Jukebox. Und ich kann jetzt hunderfünfunddreißig Stunden lang Journeys „Don't stop believing“ hören. Ergibt wahrscheinlich am meisten Sinn, wenn man ständig die Stelle mit „Don't stop“ loopt, immer und immer und immer wieder.

With The Infinite Jukebox, you can create a never-ending and ever changing version of any song. The app works by sending your uploaded track over to The Echo Nest, where it is decomposed into individual beats. Each beat is then analyzed and matched to other similar sounding beats in the song. This information is used to create a detailed song graph of paths though similar sounding beats. As the song is played, when the next beat has similar sounding beats there’s a chance that we will branch to a completely different part of the song. Since the branching is to a very similar sounding beat in the song, you (in theory) won’t notice the jump. This process of branching to similar sounding beats can continue forever, giving you an infinitely long version of the song.

The Infinite Jukebox (via Waxy)