Dronestagram: The Drone’s-Eye View

Neues Projekt von James „The New Aesthetics“ Bridle: Ein Feed für Satellitenbilder der Ziele von Dronenangriffen auf Instagram.

Dronestagram posts images from Google Maps Satellite view to Instagram, and syndicates this feed to Tumblr and Twitter, along with short summaries of each site. You can follow Dronestagram at any of these locations. Most of the records of strikes so far are drawn from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, which compiles reports from Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia.

I use a variety of sources to locate a suitable view for each image, including the original media reports, wikipedia, local government and media sites. Many are in outlying areas and the information on exact locations is scarce; where a precise location is not given, the view should be within a few kilometres in most cases. Instagram does not allow you to select a location on a map, only a place name, so unfortunately the images are geotagged to my current location. Nevertheless: the landscapes and the places and their names are real.

Dronestagram: The Drone’s-Eye View (via Creators Project)