Photos from the Marijuana-Farm

Grassland ist ein Fotoprojekt von jemandem namens H.Lee, der ein Jahr lang die Arbeit auf einer Marijuana-Farm bei San Francisco geknippst hat. Wired hat anlässlich der Legalisierung von Shit in Washington und Colorado ein Posting dazu, NPR hat auch was (tolle Headline: America's Big Backyard Pot Business) und der Infotext auf der Website von Lee liest sich wie der Anfang eines Cannabis-Märchens für Kiffer. Toll!

A few hours north of San Francisco, along the coast, lies a rugged landscape of towering Redwoods and Douglas Firs. Cut with rivers and fog, it is iconic American terrain, which draws countless RV-towing tourists who wind up and down logging roads all summer long.

But beneath this layer of green and golden splendor, there exists an unseen world that no maps can find, only a discriminating eye for unmarked dirt roads. To the initiated, there are signs, as clear as the highway billboards offering hydroponic paraphernalia, medical cannabis consultations, trimming solutions and turkey bags in bulk. These services are welcome flags to cannabis country, where droves of marijuana growers, both indoor and outdoor, hide in the hills and make their living.