Kazakhstans Credit-Card for the 1%

'Ne russische Bank in Kasachstan will Ultraluxus-Kreditkarten rausgeben, gemacht aus Gold, Diamanten und Perlen. Die Dinger sollen 100.000 Dollar kosten. Go, Capitalism, go!

Russia’s Sberbank in Kazakhstan has announced plans to issue an exclusive new credit card—which the bank claims to be the world’s first bank card to be made entirely of gold, diamonds and pearls. Called ‘Visa Infinite Exclusive’, this limited edition card will be made with “pure gold, 26 diamonds and inlaid mother of pearl”.

It was reported that it will cost US$100,000 to obtain the card—with $65,000 going into minting the card, and the balance will remain in the user’s accounts.

World’s First Credit Card Made Entirely Of Gold, Diamonds And Pearls (via Quipsologies)