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Keiner weiß, wie's passieren konnte, aber ein Bild von m00t, dem Gründe von 4Chan („The black heart of the Internet“), hat's auf die Website von Rick Santorum geschafft. Aus einer Mail von Christopher Poole (m00t): „Maybe a user created a profile using my Wikipedia photo as the profile pic, or a designer/intern someone working on the site thought it would be funny. Or I look like a wholesome Tea Partier. Who knows.“

When you navigate to Patriot Voices, a pop up box appears with a bunch of different people’s faces alongside Mr. Santorum’s, ostensibly representing patriots, which by his definition likely refers to fellow sweater vest wearers. One of those pictures, sandwiched in between two photos of Mr. Santorum, is the visage of Chris Poole–a.k.a. Moot, the founder of notorious message board 4chan. The photo is the same one used on Mr. Poole’s Wikipedia page.

Why is Rick Santorum Using a Picture of 4Chan Founder Moot on His ‘Patriots’ Website?

Hier noch ein paar weitere US-Wahl-Bits:

Nate Silver ist Statistiker und hat in seinem FiveThirtyEight-Blog bei der NYTimes das Wahlergebniss nahezu exakt vorausgesagt, weshalb er sich grade zum Nerd-Darling entwickelt. Also: „As of Thursday, November 8th, 2012, Nate Silver is probably a witch.

His unusually accurate predictions are, thus far, explained by his use of validated statistical methods. His disregard of momentum, gut feelings, and the interpretations of people paid to promote certain viewpoints is not the result of supernatural assistance.

While we on the Is Nate Silver a Witch editorial board are strict rationalists, Mr Silver’s performance has been uncanny enough to raise small but significant doubts as to whether his methodology is entirely of this world. We are following the situation closely.

Nate Silver Facts, Fact: Nate Silver Predicts Election Outcome, Becomes Nerdy Chuck Norris
Reuters: Dead candidates win elections in Florida, Alabama

Pepe R.I.P.

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I find this far funnier than I should:

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