Drunk Nate Silver is a thing

Funniest Thing on Twitter right now und wahrscheinlich das beste – neben dem Wahlergebnis –, das diese US-Wahl hervorgebracht hat: Drunk Nate Silver. Nate Silver ist der Nerd-Gott gewordene Statistiker der NYTimes, der das Wahlergebnis fast exakt prognostiziert und damit der kompletten Rechten in Amerika eine verpasst hatte, und zwar mit Fakten. Die Wahl ist quasi sowas wie eine „Revenge of the Nerds“. I love this so much.

Hier ein paar meiner Favs:

- Drunk Nate Silver emails George Lucas the exact time and location of "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away."
- Drunk Nate Silver holds up cadaver of Punxsutawney Phil with his left hand, bellowing "Winter is coming."
- A drunk Nate Silver just ate his casio calculator watch thus completing the transformation
- Drunk Nate Silver points at the night sky. The star he is pointing at flickers then dies.
- Drunk Nate Silver is at the New York Stock Exchange in his sweats, eating from a bowl of popcorn, and laughing at people.
- Meatloaf does that for love, Drunk Nate Silver smirks quietly in the background
- Drunk Nate Silver shames pizza delivery man into free pizza after showing graph of declining delivery time. Still tips.
- Drunk Nate Silver calls a woman who turned him down in college and whispers "There's a 74% chance you regret it now, with an upward trend."
- Drunk Nate Silver counting out exactly five hundred and thirty-eight french fries at McDonalds, then slowly dipping 206 of them in ketchup.

Buzzfeed hat ein paar Drunken Silvers zusammengesucht: Meet "Drunk Nate Silver".