Elaborate Shithole made from Wood

Ein elaboriertes, wunderschön und elegant geschnitztes und mit ornamentalen Intarsien versehenes, mobiles, mitsichrumtragenlassendes, rundumschutzbietendes, holziges Kackloch.

Say hello to "The Kamper Krapper". The perfect sanitary seat cover that belongs to you and you alone. A well designed solid wooden toilet seat that fits on any public toilet. Simply set it on the toilet seat and sit with your own personal seat cover. Clean and it only belongs to you. Perfect for camping, or anywhere you go that you don't want to use those nasty public toilets seats.

Light weight and easy to carry from place to place. Beautiful carved wood that you can carry in public and you will be the only person to know that this seat looks like you are carrying a fine piece of wood carved furniture. No one will know it's a toilet seat cover.

Camper Wooden Toilet Seat - The Kamper Krapper (via Regretsy)