Bright Eyes: Programmable DIY-LED-Glasses

Technology Will Safe Us machen sowas ähnliches wie das Make-Magazin, nur in England, und bieten DIY-Kits für Elektronik-n00bs (wie mich) an. Ihr neuestes Spielzeug ist eine programmierbare LED-Brille, die einem Coden beibringen soll. Das Teil kann Feeds darstellen und demnächst renne ich mit meinem Feedreader im Gesicht rum. Schick!

Bright Eyes is DIY technology kit that encourages people to learn programming because it is so cool. It is a pair of glasses which have 174 LEDs (light emitting diodes) on them for you to program. These LEDs can play back graphics and videos off a micro SD card (video player), or be controlled using any microcontroller platform. Best of all, we’re making them Arduino compatible! So, if you want to add a microphone or an ambient light sensor to make them more responsive – you’ll be able to.

All of the code will be open source and freely available. We are working on easy to navigate and understandable tutorials for programming the glasses in various ways. You can create standalone graphics, animations, or generative visuals. By adding sensors, you can literally have the glasses respond to music, or if you're really keen, you can connect them to your twitter account and share your tweets!

The Bright Eyes Kit - DIY LED glasses to inspire programming (via Creative Applications)